New office ‘fosters great work and inspires growth’

The vision for the new Financial Providence Group office came to CEO and Founder Brad Jennings a few years ago.

That vision was for an office that would foster great work, inspire growth, and support the dreams of all FPG agents in their path to success.


The new office was built as a tribute to the men and women who have served and continue to serve FPG. Jennings wanted the new office to challenge the FPG team to keep up their hard work, to press on, and to continue all they’ve started—and to show them what can happen when you remain persistent.


“A lot of people join FPG because they are attracted to the income potential. They stay, however, because they realize the need is real,” Jennings explains. “They realize the pain that families go through when they don’t carry any coverage at the time of an unexpected death. They realize they are providing peace of mind to families all over the country, families who can’t find alternative coverage. And as they witness the gratitude from these families, suddenly everything becomes clear: what they do is meaningful. FPG isn’t just about selling final expense insurance. We are actually protecting families. We aren’t just trying to ‘sign another policy.’ We are making a difference in people’s lives.”


We all know it’s not difficult to work hard when you love what you do, and when you understand the value you provide. FPG agents understand that concept clearly. When doing something meaningful—when making a difference in people’s lives—the writing is on the wall: It makes you want to work even more.


Jennings says, “The people who value that meaning, who care about making a difference—well, they are the ones that see the biggest return for their work. The two go hand in hand. Those who realize that, they are the agents that experience the greatest results.”

“We are bringing in people who are starting from scratch,” Jennings says of new agents coming on board every day. (In fact, at FPG, most new agents have never sold insurance before!) “What FPG gives them is a chance to take control of their own destiny. To finally experience a lucrative career in which they get to call the shots, set their own schedule, and make as much as they want to make.”

Many of FPG’s agents make a six-figure income during their first year. Others have made millions in less than a decade. It certainly isn’t a free ride to get rich, as FPG agents are proven self-starters and extraordinary hard workers—but it is a fast track to success.


Not ‘Just Another Insurance Company’


FPG is a place for a lot of different people, a place where people from a thousand different backgrounds can find that the same opportunity awaits them all.


Maybe you don’t have a college degree.

Maybe you are a single parent.

Maybe you are tired of working a factory job.

Maybe you want to have control over your own paycheck.

Maybe you just want something different.


What FPG does really makes a difference. This group of dedicated dreamers isn’t just sitting around looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They are making it happen. They are making their own pot of gold.


FPG boasts a compelling career opportunity that:


  • Can be the key to a better life.
  • Is an acceptance letter to a job where you get to call the shots.
  • Offers an invitation to become part of a family.
  • Provides a chance to become wealthy at a very young age.
  • Can allow you to build your retirement fund quickly.
  • Is an opportunity to have a financially sound future.
  • Allows all types of people the chance to do something great with their life.


It’s no wonder that FPG agents are confident and proud. They possess a peace of mind knowing they can take care of their families, and that they have purpose and direction.


As Jennings says, “There is a will to succeed, a determination to control their own destiny, found in every agent that answers the FPG call.”


Built for those who go out and ‘do’


The new FPG office was built for those who do – for those individuals willing to jump into the game at any point and give it all they’ve got. FPG proudly possesses a winning mindset, comprised of people from all different stages of life who want to win—at work, at home, and at life.


Built to inspire those who share the winning mindset, the new office provides an environment of encouragement and wellness, both physical and mental.


Featuring ample office space for working remotely, a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, weight room, movie theatre, a gym, and TVs in every bathroom—the office is equipped to make work life easier for its dedicated agents. With an on-site barber shop and two cozy suites available for out of town agents, the office was built to support every need that might arise for agents on the go.

Wondering how you can join a company that is winning?

You can learn more about a career with FPG by contacting us here.



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