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Critical Sales Skills

A recent article on outlined twelve skills that are critical to keeping a position in sales. We broke down three of the skills we’ve found to be most important for stellar performance from our agents and managers here:


“If you’re going to win in sales, you’ll need to make positivity, expectancy, & excitement part of your day to day experience.” A career in sales isn’t for those who easily give up. At Financial Providence Group, we recognize that a happy, inspired, challenged agent is an agent who’s going to reflect a positive attitude back to our clients. Whether it’s the promise of an incentive trip, or knowing your peers are cheering you on, our company culture revolves around pick-me-ups and perks.

Listening Skills

 “’Don’t be a crocodile salesperson, big mouth & no ears.’ Only by listening intently can you understand your buyers’ needs and emotions.” Financial Providence Group often helps families when they are in a state of grief. Our mission is to treat them with respect and empathy, and to get them the help they need as fast as possible. There is no one-size-fits-all quick fix used at our agency. Our agents give each of our clients their undivided attention, gathering all the facts in order to create a custom solution that’s tailored to their needs. Good listening skills are vital.

Trust Building

“Trust building starts on first contact.” Trust isn’t an illusion. It isn’t a facade or a slick marketing tactic. Trust should be the cornerstone on which a relationship with a client is built. At Financial Providence Group, we work hard to earn the trust of our clients from their first interaction, and throughout the continuation of their business. This means follow-through. This means follow-up. This means questions answered quickly and accurately. Trustworthiness is a standard we live by; it’s the baseline for every facet of our business.

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