Summer Lovin’: How to Stay Productive When All You Really Want is to Enjoy the Season

At Financial Providence Group, we know there is no denying that it can be very challenging to stay motivated during these beautiful, hot summer months.

We don’t normally tend to think of summer as a time to “sink to a low”; that’s usually reserved for the winter blues. But if you are stuck working every day when many people are out golfing, swimming, and taking their yachts for a whale of a good time, you may find yourself doing just that: sinking in the sun.

Staying focused and productive during the summer? That’s another issue altogether.

If you are looking for some creative ways to self-motivate and stay on track—or better yet, get ahead—during these challenging months, here are a few ways you can get some warmth back in your mojo.

Invest in Yourself.

This may be the perfect time to invest in your personal and professional development. Use this time as a chance to schedule a few “off” days to invest in self-development, such as taking a one-day sales class, spending a day with a mentor in the business, or taking a day to train someone under you. Having a change of pace a few days a month can actually help reinvigorate you, and if you structure the right kind of activity, you might just be able to get out and about in that sunshine for a few days! The trick is not to work less, but to find activities or classes that will get you outside more while also switching up your day to day sales routine.

Get Creative.

Everyone knows that vitamin D has numerous benefits for your health and mental well-being. It can also help your mood and boost your confidence. Use these summer months as an opportunity to get outside as much as possible—all without sacrificing your production goals. A perfect way to do this on the field is to ask your prospective client if they’d like to sit outside to discuss their policy options. This gives you a chance to sit outside in the warmth, while also conducting your daily business. Just don’t forget to provide the iced tea!

Seize Opportunity to ‘Shine.’

Chances are, if you’re contemplating sitting in the sand, there are many other agents actually doing that very thing. But before you jump ship, consider this: what better way to shine some light on your talents and capabilities than by picking up the sales slack when everyone else is drifting by the wayside? Why not use summer as your chance to get way ahead of everyone else, so that come winter, you can sail off to enjoy the sun in the Caribbean—when you will need those rays most?!

Go Out of Your Way for a Friend.

Whether it’s the dog days of summer or the dead of winter,  you should always be thinking of ways you can give back to your peers. Your FPG final expense insurance teammates are the people you’re in the trenches with—whether they’ve been in the business for two weeks or fifteen years. Building strong relationships with your fellow life insurance agents is critical for your individual and collective success. If you are just starting out and can’t always afford to foot the bill, round up some colleagues to chip in. Just look for more ways to take care of those around you, and you’ll be surprised at how others return the favor.

Get More Exercise.

We get it, when you are out in the field all day, it might not sound that exciting to work out. However, going for a run at night serves a twofold purpose: it gets you some sunshine, and it helps boost your endorphins. Both of which you need in order to be at your best and maximize your sales results.

If you’d like to join an organization that is committed to helping you be the best version of yourself—regardless of the season you’re in—you’ve come to the right place. Contact FPG today to learn more about why we are considered one of the top ten final expense insurance agencies in the country.

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