Sales Advice to New Agents: Motivation is Key

To be successful in sales, a great sales agent will know and understand their customer. This knowledge is the best fuel for motivation. Motivation for creating the best product, finding the clientele that it suits, and communicating both of these aspects.

To understand this concept further, we will look into the What, How, and Why of our company.

What we do is easy enough.

We are one of the nation’s largest final expense agencies. As an agency, we are committed to helping our clients during their greatest time of need. For this, we offer our final expense insurance. This is a solution to relieve the financial burden of a person’s end-of-life costs. More than the financial aspect we also grant peace of mind. It is a peace that comes with knowing your loved ones will be taken care of—even when you’re not around to do it personally.

How we make it all happen.  

FP Group has aligned ourselves with the best. With our experience, expert care, and knowledge we have created a company that is nationally recognized.

A company backed with only the best agents. To maintain our prestigious standing, fulfill our policies, and make sure that new candidates are receiving our life-changing service—we have a rigorous training process. This consists of on-the-job guidance, seminars, close manager mentorships, and continual training opportunities.

With this training, our agents are equipped to bring about the best final expense plan that fits your budget and needs. Part of taking care of your loved ones is also protecting them beyond financial matters. For this, we offer Family Support Services at absolutely no cost to you or your beneficiary. This service gives the beneficiary a personal agent with years of experience. An agent that will assist in finding the best deals on the burial plans, advise on the burial process, and defend against unnecessary costs.

Why?—What’s our motivation?

Our motivation is our basic principles of what we believe to be right and true.

We believe in having peace of mind and taking care of loved ones. Most importantly we believe that this should be given to just about everyone. Which is why we have one of the highest acceptance rates of our industry—because everyone deserves to have peace of mind.

Furthermore, we believe in giving our clientele the very best product at a great price.

‘Why’ is arguable the most important part of our success.

Why is the most important factor because it is our motivation and driving force for all that we do. Now, that you know the basis of our company. We’ll switch the order—starting with our motivation—our Why.

In all that we do, we believe that everyone should have peace of mind, be helped in the time of greatest need, and be able to take care of their loved ones.  So, we have a team of highly trained, motivated, and caring workers who are able to bring you the best fit plan. We have services like easy acceptance, fast payout, and Family Support Services—at no cost to you.

Oh and by the way, all of these services are a part of our final expense product. A product that can be tailored—so your budget doesn’t have to dictate your family’s future. Not to mention, our products has one of the highest acceptance rates—even with preexisting conditions. This makes it accessible for nearly everyone.

If we start with our motivation, everything becomes aligned with our goal in a way that’s highly relatable. We work with the best to bring only the finest to our clients.

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