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New Year, New Career

It’s the time of year when folks look back on the year that’s passed and decide what they want to be different in the year to come. You’ve probably done some self-reflection yourself, and if not, give it a shot.


Take a good long look at the year that’s passed. Chances are you spent a good portion of 2016 working within your career. Weigh that time. Do the rewards you reaped, financial and otherwise, balance out with the time you put in? Did you close the year with a sense of pride and accomplishment for the work you did, or are you dreading getting up and heading off to work every day in 2017?


Don’t waste another year.


Financial Providence Group closed out 2016 with record-breaking sales, and an unprecedented number of clients served. Our agents can look back at the work they’ve done and the difference they’ve made in the lives of families across the country and know they’ve granted peace of mind. That’s time well-spent.


In addition to work that’s meaningful, we offer each of our agents financial freedom, travel opportunities, and the autonomy to excel at a pace that’s in-line with their goals. At the end of this year, our agents looked back with pride on what they’d accomplished, and what they’ve built for the year to come as part of Financial Providence Group.


If you’ve been searching for a career that’ll make your year, and all the years to come, we invite you to contact us by clicking here, or fill out our agent questionnaire here. Put yourself in a position to celebrate as the years pass instead of dreading each new work day.