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The Right Sales Incentives

The right incentives aren’t just motivation for your salespeople, they’re a way to show your appreciation. At Financial Providence Group, we choose our incentives in the same way we make other decisions in this company: We listen to what our agents want before acting.

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Too many sales agencies view a happy work environment, fun training opportunities, and the potential to earn a huge salary as their incentives. But at Financial Providence Group, enjoyable work, exciting learning opportunities and salary potential come standard. Incentives are a bonus outside of these career perks!

Other sales incentives at Financial Providence Group include trips to exotic locations around the world, electronics like TVs and computers, and of course, cash bonuses and free leads. We believe that the best sales incentives reflect the hard work our agents have put in to help make this company great.

The photo you see below isn’t a fancy stock photo, or some vanity shot pulled from an auto website. One of our agents received this Porsche Boxster after winning a contest we held.


If you’re currently spending time at a career that isn’t rewarding your hard work, we invite you to experience what Financial Providence Group has to offer. You deserve the support of a company that listens, responds and rewards.

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