5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career Selling Final Expense Insurance

A Non-Traditional Sales Opportunity

Are you a sales associate or sales representative looking for a new position? Chances are, if you possess critical sales skills, you might be in high demand. But maybe that last or current job provided false representation and led you to believe you’d have more opportunities than you were actually given. If you are finding yourself unsettled in your current work environment, perhaps you should consider a career with the nation’s leading final expense agency, Financial Providence Group. Not all sales jobs are created equal—and neither are all final expense insurance companies.

Let us explain why this non-traditional insurance sales position should be at the top of your consideration list going into the new year.

Why a Career with FPG is Worth Considering?

Our agents succeed for numerous reasons; here are a few of our favorites:

  1. We provide real residual income. This residual income business will allow you to grow your wealth over the years. It’s a proven system that will continue to reward you throughout your career.


  1. We offer cheap life insurance. And by that, we don’t mean worthless or poor quality. We mean affordable. Which is why our final expense insurance agents are so successful because they are providing insurance that is needed at a price the average family can afford.


  1. We are known for our insurance sales jobs, which we call “careers” because we don’t treat our agents like they are just filling a position for a short time. We want agents for life. We strive to provide an environment and rewards system that our insurance agents will love enough to make FPG a lifetime career move. There’s a reason why we’ve earned such a good reputation – because our agents actually like working here; they make money, and we treat them well, which is how it should be. We are truly a family.


  1. Insurance careers with FPG allow you to set your own schedule and become your own boss. Imagine not having to ask a supervisor if you can take the day off to stay home with a sick child. You decide when you work, and if you miss a day and want to make it up, you have the freedom to do so!


  1. Selling burial insurance policies might not be what you imagined doing. But this is a deeply rewarding position. Each day you will feel the joy of providing peace of mind to these families. We know without a doubt you will understand what we are saying within your first week in the field. The families we cover love us!


Brad Jennings, CEO and Founder of Financial Providence, provides his own story about how his career with burial insurance sales has “given life meaning,” instills a passion, and incorporates concern for others. You can check it out here.

As a new year approaches, consider a new career that will richly reward you for your hard work.

Financial Providence Group is now actively hiring for insurance sales careers—passionate agents who are self-motivated and driven to succeed. This is a chance to be your own boss.

To learn more about becoming an agent with FPG, please visit our careers page.

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