Leader Series | Keeping a High Morale During Setbacks and Adversity

As we continue to grow at FPG, I wanted to share some thoughts with you on how to keep each other motivated and shining brightly during times of high pressure or setbacks you may face.

We are quickly approaching the last quarter of the year, and with that comes some realized and some unrealized goals. It’s important to keep focus and help one another every step of the journey. Our success depends on every agent “being in the game.” Some of you are just starting out, and others of you are seasoned veterans. Here’s how those who are more experienced can help those who are still new to the family. Vivian Hairston Blade, a talent management expert, wrote an article that featured ten ways to help keep the morale high and everyone on the same page. Here is my take on her ten strategies:

  1. Be clear on your priorities and expectations

If you are in a position of leadership, don’t make it a guessing game as to what your agents need to be doing to succeed. Make sure you help them set their priorities, reiterate your own, and let them know what you expect. This is especially important with onboarding agents! This will also help keep the overall vision in the forefront of their minds. This is crucial because, without a clear vision and proper support, it is very easy to lose confidence in the overall journey.

  1. Help them prioritize their to-do lists

I’m sure you’re laughing about this one! Let’s face it: We ALL struggle with this from time to time. But, contemplate what she is saying here – sometimes, tasks can be daunting and difficult to navigate, let alone determine priority. Help with this by setting the example yourself. Demonstrate organized behavior. Offer assistance. Share your own ideas for balancing the never-ending list and coach them through determining the difference between low-priority, medium, and high. This also provides an opportunity to demonstrate routine and a close-kept schedule. The more proficient you are at helping them with this, the more likely they are to be productive.

  1. Set milestones and celebrate achievements

I know, this is a BIG ONE for FPG. And for good reasons, too. We’ve already learned from the last post how incredibly crucial it is to offer rewards and incentives, but not just any – more specifically, rewards and incentives targeted towards multiple types of personalities. (If you missed that post, you can check it out here.)

Although we do this well on a large company-wide scale, don’t assume it’s enough. Instead, creatively develop your own set of rewards and perks. And have fun with it! The more managers encourage and reward those under them, the more likely they are to develop loyalty and high morale among their team. How you incorporate #3 into your agency could very well determine how rapidly you grow. And remember, it doesn’t have to be big or expensive – leave those to us!

  1. Ask where they need support 

Okay, now this is big. It can often be so easy to go about checking off our own to-do lists that we neglect the fact that we haven’t paused to check on how those around you are feeling. I suggest making it a point to call each one of your agents at least once a week to give them a private opportunity to discuss where they really need a little extra help, encouragement, or support. I trust you’ll find that you can never ask the question too often!

  1. Empower your team

The is a strong suit for MANY of you, which I’m so proud of! We can continue empowering one another with positive attitudes and a focus that is unshakeable. Doing the steps in this article is a sure strategy for keeping your team empowered.

  1. Be an inspiration, not a nag

Watch your tone! And think before you speak! Consider how you ask for certain behavior and how you respond to setbacks. Also, consider how you provide feedback. Are you communicating in a way that inspires and motivates, or are you unknowingly tearing others down?

  1. Minimize the time killers

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Figure out what uses up idle time and turn that 1.5-hour soccer practice into an opportunity to schedule a few appointments, or write a handwritten note to a client. We all could probably improve on this one!

  1. Make yourself available

Keep an “open door” policy. Let those you are mentoring know they can reach out to you at any time.

  1. Provide cover

Let your agents know you’ve got their back. Everyone performs better when they sense that someone is looking out for them and cheering them on. If something goes wrong, listen before reacting, and offer protection where needed. Create loyalty by first offering loyalty.

  1. Infuse some fun

I know you are all out there working your butts off, but don’t forget to have a little fun! Think of opportunities for inviting more fun into your team atmosphere, such as golfing or bowling or weekly or monthly dinners. Be creative with this one! You will get what you put into it!

I hope these ten strategies help you as you lead and build your teams. Remember, if you love the work you do, it won’t feel like work. So, in closing, employ these strategies and you will best be able to provide an opportunity for your agents and new recruits to love their career, their team – AND their leader.

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