A Life That Matters

Living a Life that Matters

In our line of work, we are forced to recognize our own mortality every day. As morbid as the thought sounds, we will all eventually leave this world. The question then becomes, have I contributed to society in a way that truly matters?

In ancient times, the feeling of mortality was overcome by creating something that would outlast you. For them, it was conquering cities, constructing pyramids in the desert, and so forth. Today, we look for other ways to outlast our death. Instead, we work to create a positive impact on your loved ones, your community, and strangers. For our agents, facing mortality every day gives them renewed motivation to create their own legacy.

1. Helping others. If I had to summarize the meaning of our job in two words, it would be: “helping others.” Every day we visit families that have otherwise been overlooked. We come to those with preexisting medical conditions, low-income families, and so many more and offer them a feasible option. This is an opportunity where there once was nothing. Some of our clients even call it a miracle. What we offer isn’t just final expense insurance. It is peace of mind knowing that when they’re gone, they can still look after their loved ones. The moment our clients realize that, they get this look in their eyes of hope and gratitude. That moment is the one that matters above all else.

2. Giving back to the community. The funny thing about saving the world is, you can’t do it if you’re broke. Or, at the very least, it’s much easier with extra capital at your disposal. For this, our career opportunity has the potential to make each and every one of our agents as rich as they want to be. They just have to be willing to work hard enough for it. This wealth gives ample opportunities for our agents to give back. Take our founder, Bradly Jennings, for example. He leads by example as a proud humanitarian. His family alone has helped fund domestic violence shelters, athletic facilities, and local school programs. Our agents have the power to really impact the causes near to their hearts.

3. Developing your own career. In building a life that matters, it’s important to make sure you’re building it for yourself. Meaning, our agents aren’t working to stuff the pockets of some CEO they’ll never meet. Instead, they operate as their own boss to build their business and salary. Unlike other places, here you won’t experience a cap on your ability to grow and develop.

4. Be appreciated. You’d be surprised how much an, “I appreciate you,” genuine gesture matters. Appreciation is part of our culture. Each month, we celebrate those who’ve achieved monthly goals. We help one another overcome hardships. And, every year, we take our hard working qualifiers on an all-expense paid vacation. We’re more than just a team—we’re a family.

Find our agents testimonials here, to see how each of them has created a life that matters in the world. Now is the time to join them.

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