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Our business is selling final expense insurance. We sell for Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, the largest final expense insurance underwriters in the nation. Over many years of hard work, dedication to our client, and rigorous training–we’ve become one of the top 10 burial insurance agencies in the nation. However, that’s only a small portion of our story. To really know who we are as a team, you’d have to know our passion, commitment, and culture.

Our passion is helping those in their greatest time of need. We make sure that all final wishes are accounted for and this difficult time can be navigated as easy as possible. We take the time and care to accurately form a plan for each of our clients. You will never have to wonder if your job matters on our team. Your clients will reach out and show you their gratitude for a truly fulfilling experience.

Our commitment is transforming the lives of the agents that form our team. Our agents are building their own legacies that are limited to only two things: their imagination and how hard they are willing to work. We have agents that entered our business on the brink of bankruptcy and now make an excess of $250 thousand every year. Unlimited income potential is just the beginning. Our agents live meaningful, extraordinary lives dedicated to helping others and are rewarded accordingly.

Our team is made up of individuals from every type of background. From carpet cleaners to mortgage brokers, contractors to students, Financial Providence Group provides a career opportunity regardless if you have experience or not. To learn more about becoming an agent with one of the top 10 burial insurance agencies in the nation, please visit our careers page.



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