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A Mentor | The Difference Between Success and Defeat

A recent article by Chris Myers, Forbes contributor, explained the invaluable nature of having a mentor. After reading his article, my team couldn’t agree more!

A huge factor in our agents’ success is their ability to stay coachable. Our Managing General Agents, MGAs, help mentor new agents as well as support those who have been with FP Group for some time.

It’s important that even established agents feel comfortable enough with their MGA to ask for help when needed. Our MGA’s are always happy to help. After all, an agent’s success is their success. However, an agent has to show initiative and start asking for help. Once that critical first step is taken, our MGA’s are able to guide and coach each agent with their individual needs.

While we have a proven system, we can always develop further— both agents and MGAs alike. The ability to have an open conversation between the two parties is invaluable for progression. When working together, it might seem like a big time commitment at first to meet with an MGA or attend our team meetings. However, a mentorship helps progress agents faster than they could have ever hoped. Thus, saving time in the long run.

The connections agents make with the FP Group will create life long friendships. Our agency is often referred to as a family, and that’s what we strive to be. We function as one unit that works hard to have each and every member achieve success.

Lastly, one of Myers’ points was about success. He explains that by taking the imitative to seek your mentor “you’ll ensure that you get the most out of the mentor relationship and find success in your life and career.” The ability to thrive personally and professionally is a just a contact away.

Are you ready for teamwork that truly makes the dream work? It’s time you discover success.