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Life Insurance Awareness Month

Every day, Financial Providence Group helps Americans secure the coverage they need to protect the futures of their loved ones, and the assets they’ve worked lifelong to accumulate.

Join us as we celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Month with some of our favorite facts about final expense insurance, and learn what you can do to make sure you’re covered:

  • “On average, consumers estimate the cost of life insurance twice as high as the actual price.” (LIMRA, 2015.) Final expense insurance IS affordable! One of the best things about our agents is their ability to find the product that works with your needs, and with your budget. It’s a common misconception that final expense insurance is too expensive, but we can help incorporate it into any budget.
  • A pre-existing condition doesn’t have to prevent you from securing life insurance. At Financial Providence Group, we offer a modified policy for those with health conditions. Contact one of our knowledgeable agents here to see what they can do for you.
  • While 71 percent Americans say they research final expense insurance online, more than half want to work with a financial professional to purchase life insurance. (LIMRA, 2015.) You don’t have to navigate the world of final expense insurance on your own. Our agents are professionally trained before ever interacting with a client, to ensure you get the right answer to your question every time. We specialize in making your experience simple, seamless, and pleasant, whether you’re in the market to buy, or you just want to explore your options.
  • One of the most important benefits you can secure with your final expense insurance is the knowledge that your loved ones will receive funds from your policy quickly and easily. At Financial Providence Group, our policies’ approved claims are paid within 24 hours. There’s no hassle and no long processing time.

If you’re considering purchasing final expense insurance, we invite you to click here to learn more about our products or click here to speak with one of our friendly, professional agents. In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month, don’t let September pass you by without educating yourself on the importance of securing coverage. There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and loved ones will be provided for far into the future. Don’t wait.

Financial Providence Group is currently hiring passionate agents. A career with us is more than just a paycheck–it’s an opportunity to touch the lives of families when they need our help the most. Learn more here.