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Show Your Appreciation

A recent survey on gratitude found that of 2,000 Americans surveyed, “Almost half of people express gratitude on a daily basis to immediate family … and less than 15 percent express daily gratitude to friends or colleagues. ”


These are sobering facts when you think about the amount of time we spend around colleagues in our workplace. Thousands of Americans go home at the end of the week without receiving a single sign of appreciation for the hard work they’ve accomplished.


At Financial Providence Group, financial compensation is just one way we show our agents and managers our appreciation. Sure, there are incentive trips, cash bonuses, and free leads, but more valuable than these tangible rewards is the acknowledgment, recognition and support each member of our team receives on a daily basis.


Learn more about incentives at Financial Providence Group here. 


In order for our company to be successful, we believe each member of our agency, from the newest agent to the most experienced manager, should continuously be reminded of their value. The work we do here at Financial Providence Group is important, not just to us, but to the thousands of families we serve. Showing appreciation for that work is the most valuable incentive we can provide.

Don’t get trapped in a job where you rarely hear a sincere thank you. Financial Providence Group recognizes your potential and we’d love to give you the chance to earn our appreciation. Click here to learn more about career opportunities with Financial Providence Group.