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Maximize Sales Productivity | FPG

A recent post on the Forbes Salesforce blog outlined several ways salespeople can stay productive. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites from this list below and applied them to how Financial Providence Group agents stay focused on success.

What is Sales Productivity?

“Sales productivity means maximizing sales results while minimizing the resources expended, such as cost, effort, and time.”

Make metrics matter.

 Most sales agencies track performance with sales metrics, but few leverage these numbers to impact future sales. Data is important because it measures how well your company is doing, but it can also be a great motivator for your sales team. Every month at Financial Providence Group we publish a newsletter for our agents and managers that features overall production, top sales people and their earnings, and metrics by agency. In this way we provide the entire company the information they need to renew their goals each month.

Enable sales reps with the proper tools.

 You can have the best sales team in the world, but if you don’t give them the tools, knowledge and support they need to succeed, your sales will suffer. At Financial Providence Group, we make it our mission to support our agents from day one. Training never stops, and self-education is encouraged and promoted. In addition to tools and training, we offer success-boosters like free leads. We want our people to succeed as much as they do, and we do everything we can to provide them with the tools they need to fulfill their potential.

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Work smarter.

“When you are nearing the end of the month or end of the quarter, identify the most critical tasks you must achieve and then prioritize accordingly.” It’s easy to get overwhelmed by big goals and a stack of to-dos. At Financial Providence Group quality is important to us. We believe that applying tremendous amounts of pressure to salespeople only results in compromised customer experiences and unhappy agents. We want our agents to do their best work, and we’re here to help make that happen.

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