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Giving Back to the Community

Our very own CEO, Bradly Jennings, was honored last month for his contribution to The Ohio State University Wrestling Program.

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Brad and his family donated $2.5 million to help support the program’s new athletic facility, which will provide mat space, meeting space, and office areas for coaches and staff. This generous donation will benefit thousands of current and future student wrestlers.

“My family truly had a choice, buy a development that will make us money, or donate the money and change thousands of lives – and you know what we chose. We truly love giving back to the community and want to give each and everyone the same chance I had to be successful in what they do.”

It’s this sort of generosity, and dedication to forging new opportunities for others, that makes the Financial Providence Group team proud to be led by Brad Jennings. We encourage each of our agents and managers to display this same compassionate spirit when dealing with clients, and it’s truly what has helped us rise to the top of the industry.

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We look forward to the completion of the new athletic complex, as well as many more years of leadership from Brad.


Image Credit: OSU