Currently hiring Final Expense Insurance Agents in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida, and Virginia

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Every day our agents help Americans and their families secure the peace of mind that comes with final expense insurance. Financial Providence Group is a leader in providing excellent service within the life insurance field, and we’re looking to give others the opportunity to participate in a growing industry dedicated to helping others.


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In addition to providing our agents with the opportunity to enrich and protect the livelihood of others, Financial Providence Group offers financial security, travel opportunities, the opportunity to receive free leads, incentives like cash bonuses, the support of a knowledgeable management team, and training that comes from years of heading a competitive industry.


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But don’t just take our word for it. Below is a testimonial from one of our managers:


In any aspiring venture, nothing worth doing is ever easy, but Lincoln Heritage provides the tools to help you build a successful career. With hard work and dedication to this business every day, I have grown financially, mentally, and spiritually. People not with Lincoln Heritage often wonder how I can be so passionate about what I do. I challenge you and them to take a closer look and see where my passion lies. Not only does Lincoln Heritage provide the avenue to allow me to help clients, agents, and my own family on a daily basis, but I work in an amazing family environment coupled with extraordinary home office support.

– Brian Obey, Manager, The Miles Group