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An Investment in You

A recent article on presented a case study involving a manager who was frustrated with his team, and looking for ways to fire them and start fresh.

As the columnist addresses, firing someone is the easy way out.

At Financial Providence Group, our agents are an investment.

When we hire someone, we commit not only to helping them learn what’s required but helping them learn how to excel, to exceed and improve.

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We don’t give up on our team. If someone is struggling, we make a collective effort to get to the root of the problem, and help them beat whatever it is that’s holding them back. From peers, to leaders, all the way to the top of the management tier, we’re working together selflessly to make sure everyone is able to fulfill their potential.

“Who learns anything when a manager decides ‘I’ve spent enough time training you’ and terminates someone they don’t like? You cannot grow as a manager or a person until you get more altitude on your situation.”

–Liz Ryan,

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