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A Lifetime Career

Each month we celebrate work anniversaries in our monthly newsletter, and each month those columns of names grow. At Financial Providence Group, our career opportunities are built to last for the long-term.


Each agent we hire is an investment.


We believe that intensive training, generous leads and a supportive management team aren’t extras, they’re the foundation to a successful career—something we help each of our agents attain.

We treat our agents exceptionally well, and in turn, they’re motivated to give our clients an exceptional experience. The work we do matters, and empowering our agents to change lives gives them a fulfilling purpose behind the day-to-day at the office.

“When I saw what Lincoln Heritage did for their policy holders’ families, I knew that I had found a company that I could represent with integrity and passion.”

–Tim H.

A position with Financial Providence Group isn’t a stepping stone. It isn’t a part-time gig or a placeholder until something better comes along.


A career with us is the “something better.”


It is the opportunity you’ve been holding out for. Financial freedom, travel opportunities, challenging, meaningful work, a rewarding atmosphere, supportive leadership—we check all the boxes.

Stop the job hunt. Stop your daily slog to the office you hate. Take control of where you’ll be a year from now, five years from now—happy, working at a career you love. Click here to contact us and get started, or fill out our agent questionnaire here.