Focus on Your Team

A recent article on talked about the importance of providing your sales team with the tools and incentives your people need to succeed. The pressure should be on you, not them, to gain results from their efforts.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips from this article below, and explained how we implement them for sales success and happy agents.

#1: Show them the money. It’s definitely important to use means other than financial compensation to inspire and motivate your salespeople, but the old adage “money talks” is true. When you offer your salespeople a level of financial gain that brings security and freedom you’re letting them know that you value their talents. It also ensures they aren’t distracted by stressers like paying bills and providing for their families. You want your team to get what you want–more sales; give them the means to get what they want–a secure lifestyle.

Learn more about incentives with Financial Providence Group here. 

#2: A pat on the back. Appreciation is free, it doesn’t take a lot of time, and it’s incredibly important. Yet too often sales agencies cultivate a culture devoid of appreciation in any form. Sales managers lose good people when they make the mistake of assuming an agent doesn’t need appreciation for a job well done. Set aside an hour, or even just fifteen minutes a day and use that time to really pay attention. Look at the performance of your people, and when you see outstanding work, recognize it, celebrate it, appreciate that person. Your team will know you care, and work that much harder.

#3. Make it personal. At Financial Providence Group, we’re always searching for new ways to inspire, support and satisfy our sales force. In order to do this effectively we have to listen to our team not just as a collective, but as individual agents and managers with needs specific to them. You may have a sales leader who’s busting records and leading metrics, but who really wants to make the leap into leadership. If you continually throw your entire team into the same rounds of training, this sales leader may become bored and frustrated that their potential isn’t being recognized. Whereas with a little attention, your sales star could go on to train thirty new agents to be just as talented as their leader. Avoid one-size-fits-all “solutions” and take the time to focus on the needs of the individuals who make up your team.

Interested in joining a salesforce that takes the time to care about their people? Financial Providence Group is currently seeking passionate, talented individuals for full-time career opportunities. Click here to fill out our agent questionnaire or here to contact us with questions.

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Kyle Snyder — Student Athlete Champion

Kyle Snyder, Ohio State University student and recipient of the Jennings Family student athlete scholarship, continues to rise as one of the most talented wrestlers in the sport.

 Photo Credit: Julie Jacobson/Associated Press
Julie Jacobson/Associated Press

This 21-year-old student athlete has won the World Wrestling Championship (the youngest participant to do so), the Big Ten championship, the NCAA championship, and is an Olympic gold medalist. He’s also been named as a finalist for the prestigious James E. Sullivan award, given annually to the nation’s best amateur athlete. (Past winners include such greats as Michael Phelps, Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow.)

He was recently featured on the front page of the Columbus Dispatch in a piece on his outstanding accomplishments. As reported by the Dispatch, Kyle’s passion for the game is what fuels his success:

“If I were to focus on my accomplishments alone, I would be done,” Snyder said. “I’ve accomplished everything there is to accomplish in the sport. But when I focus on things I value, the sport of wrestling itself, I feel pretty motivated just because there’s a lot more at wrestling that I can get better at.”

The Jennings Family student athlete scholarship was put in place to help support athletes like Kyle whose passion, humility and love of the game  inspires us all. As Kyle competes once again in the NCAA championship this weekend, the entire Financial Providence Group team will be cheering him on. We’re honored to play a small part in supporting the future of this incredible Buckeye.


The Opportunity to Give Back

Financial Providence Group is committed to creating opportunities.


Our CEO, Bradly Jennings, recently donated $2.5 million to The Ohio State University athletic department for the construction of a state-of-the-art wrestling facility. This facility will impact the lives of tens of thousands of students in the coming years, giving them the equipment they need to become champions, Olympians and stellar student athletes.

Learn more about the Jennings Family

Wrestling Center here.  

At Financial Providence Group we feel it’s our duty to give back. We provide excellent career opportunities to our agents with the hope that they will follow the example of our leadership and support their communities as they gain financial freedom and independence.

“[Jennings] Going from a high school coach to now being able to make a real impact on the sport, is something special and is a great story. It reminds me of that movie Field of Dreams, and just gives me the chills thinking about it!”

–Tom Ryan, Ohio State University wrestling coach

The Jennings Center at OSU is a testament to the success that’s attainable through Financial Providence Group. We’re excited to see opportunities for students in our community grow as a direct result of the opportunities we provide for our people.

Our CEO says it best: “We want everyone to have the same chance I had to be successful.”

FP Group is currently seeking full-time agents to join their growing company. Would you like to be a part of a team that supports its communities in so many ways? Learn more about career opportunities here.

Spread the Word: Career Opportunities

Every day our agents help Americans and their families secure the peace of mind that comes with final expense insurance. Financial Providence Group is a leader in providing excellent service within the life insurance field, and we’re looking to give others the opportunity to participate in a growing industry dedicated to helping others.

Learn more about our products and services here.

In addition to providing our agents with

Our talented agents and managers are unstoppable.
Our talented agents and managers are unstoppable.

the opportunity to enrich and protect the livelihood of others, Financial Providence Group offers financial security, travel opportunities, free leads, incentives like cash bonuses, the support of a knowledgeable management team, and training that comes from years of heading a competitive industry.

Learn more about career opportunities with Financial Providence Group here. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Below is a testimonial from one of our managers:

In any aspiring venture, nothing worth doing is ever easy, but Lincoln Heritage provides the tools to help you build a successful career. With hard work and dedication to this business every day, I have grown financially, mentally, and spiritually. People not with Lincoln Heritage often wonder how I can be so passionate about what I do. I challenge you and them to take a closer look and see where my passion lies. Not only does Lincoln Heritage provide the avenue to allow me to help clients, agents, and my own family on a daily basis, but I work in an amazing family environment coupled with extraordinary home office support.

– Brian Obey, Manager, The Miles Group

If this sounds like the kind of career that would fulfill your life, we  encourage you to contact us by clicking here, or fill out our agent questionnaire here.

Career Perks — Travel

At Financial Providence Group we know that life goes on outside the office. Our agents and belizemanagers aren’t just agents and managers–they’re people. People who have interests and families. People who get excited about spending time with their loved ones, relaxing and having fun.

That’s why one of the biggest incentives we offer at Financial Providence Group is travel. We’re constantly pushing our agents and managers to grow, to expand their mindset to become better salespeople. And what better way to do that than to see and experience new places?

Over the years we’ve taken trips to destinations such as Belize, Germany, Paris, Bermuda, Panama and Quebec. Check out photos from all of our incentive trips here. 

These incentive trips are much more than a vacation. They build and strengthen the spirit of camaraderie that is so important to the success of our agency. These trips allow us to show our appreciation for the hard work our people put in every day, and give  them memories that will last throughout their career.

If you’ve always dreamed of a career that allowed you to see the world, we invite you to contact us by clicking here, or fill out our agent questionnaire here.

At Financial Providence Group we’ve made it our mission to cultivate happy, satisfied, challenged agents. If this sounds like the kind of future you’ve been dreaming of, don’t waste another day at a dead-end job. We’d love to  show you the excitement a career with FP Group  has to offer.

Maximize Sales Productivity

A recent post on the Forbes Salesforce blog outlined several ways salespeople can stay productive. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites from this list below and applied them to how Financial Providence Group agents stay focused on success.

What is Sales Productivity?

“Sales productivity means maximizing sales results while minimizing the resources expended, such as cost, effort, and time.”

Make metrics matter. Most sales agencies track performance with sales metrics, but few leverage these numbers to impact future sales. Data is important because it measures how well your company is doing, but it can also be a great motivator for your sales team. Every month at Financial Providence Group we publish a newsletter for our agents and managers that features overall production, top sales people and their earnings, and metrics by agency. In this way we provide the entire company the information they need to renew their goals each month.

Enable sales reps with the proper tools. You can have the best sales team in the world, but if you don’t give them the tools, knowledge and support they need to succeed, your sales will suffer. At Financial Providence Group, we make it our mission to support our agents from day one. Training never stops, and self-education is encouraged and promoted. In addition to tools and training, we offer success-boosters like free leads. We want our people to succeed as much as they do, and we do everything we can to provide them with the tools they need to fulfill their potential.

Learn more about careers with Financial Providence Group here. 

Work smarter. “When you are nearing the end of the month or end of the quarter, identify the most critical tasks you must achieve and then prioritize accordingly.” It’s easy to get overwhelmed by big goals and a stack of to-dos. At Financial Providence Group quality is important to us. We believe that applying tremendous amounts of pressure to salespeople only results in compromised customer experiences and unhappy agents. We want our agents to do their best work, and we’re here to help make that happen.

If you’re interested in starting a new career with Financial Providence Group we invite you to contact us by clicking here.

An Investment in You

A recent article on presented a case study involving a manager who was frustrated with his team, and looking for ways to fire them and start fresh.

As the columnist addresses, firing someone is the easy way out. At Financial Providence Group, our agents are an investment. When we hire someone for a full-time position, we commit not only to helping them learn what’s required, but helping them learn how to excel, to exceed and improve.

Learn more about career opportunities with Financial Providence Group here. 

We don’t give up on our team. If someone is struggling, we make a collective effort to get to the root of the problem, and help them beat whatever it is that’s holding them back. From peers, to leaders, all the way to the top of the management tier, we’re working together selflessly to make sure everyone is able to fulfill their potential.

“Who learns anything when a manager decides ‘I’ve spent enough time training you’ and terminates someone they don’t like? You cannot grow as a manager or a person until you get more altitude on your situation.”

–Liz Ryan,

If you’re ready to join a salesforce that’s committed first and foremost to its salespeople, we invite you to contact us here, or fill out our pre-screen questionnaire here.

Discover Your Potential

The great salesman Og Mandino once said:

I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.

At Financial Providence Group, our hope is that our agents will use the tools and training we give them as a springboard. We’re ready to invest in our people as much as they are willing to invest in themselves, and we double their rate of success by rewarding their commitment with support in every facet of their career.

Learn more about careers with Financial Providence Group here. 

As a result, our agents aren’t just inspired by financial gain, or incentive bonuses, although they receive plenty of each. Our agents are inspired by their own growth. By their own potential.  By the measurable talent that can be seen in goals met and new skills attained.

When a new agent comes to us, we simply stoke the embers of potential that have lain hidden under years of meaningless work. Once that sense of purpose has been instilled, our agents are their own biggest inspiration. We don’t feel the need to micromanage, or hire overbearing leaders, because we know our people flourish when given independence.

If you’re ready to find your own purpose, to grow that purpose and stretch the potential you know you posses, we invite you to contact us by clicking here, or fill out our agent questionnaire here. We’re currently seeking passionate individuals for full-time positions.

A Lifetime Career

Each month we celebrate work anniversaries in our monthly newsletter, and each month those columns of names grow. At Financial Providence Group, our career opportunities are built to last for the long-term.

Each agent we hire is an investment. We believe that intensive training, generous leads and a supportive management team aren’t extras, they’re the foundation to a successful career—something we help each of our agents attain.

We treat our agents exceptionally well, and in turn, they’re motivated to give our clients an exceptional experience. The work we do matters, and empowering our agents to change lives gives them a fulfilling purpose behind the day-to-day at the office.

“When I saw what Lincoln Heritage did for their policy holders’ families, I knew that I had found a company that I could represent with integrity and passion.”

–Tim H.

A position with Financial Providence Group isn’t a stepping stone. It isn’t a part-time gig or a placeholder until something better comes along. A career with us is the “something better.” It is the opportunity you’ve been holding out for. Financial freedom, travel opportunities, challenging, meaningful work, a rewarding atmosphere, supportive leadership—we check all the boxes.

Stop the job hunt. Stop your daily slog to the office you hate. Take control of where you’ll be a year from now, five years from now—happy, working at a career you love. Click here to contact us and get started, or fill out our agent questionnaire here.

New Year, New Career

It’s the time of year when folks look back on the year that’s passed and decide what they want to be different in the year to come. You’ve probably done some self-reflection yourself, and if not, give it a shot.

Take a good long look at the year that’s passed. Chances are you spent a good portion of 2016 working within your career. Weigh that time. Do the rewards you reaped, financial and otherwise, balance out with the time you put in? Did you close the year with a sense of pride and accomplishment for the work you did, or are you dreading getting up and heading off to work every day in 2017?

Don’t waste another year.

Financial Providence Group closed out 2016 with record-breaking sales, and an unprecedented number of clients served. Our agents can look back at the work they’ve done and the difference they’ve made in the lives of families across the country and know they’ve granted peace of mind. That’s time well-spent.

In addition to work that’s meaningful, we offer each of our agents financial freedom, travel opportunities, and the autonomy to excel at a pace that’s in-line with their goals. At the end of this year, our agents looked back with pride on what they’d accomplished, and what they’ve built for the year to come as part of Financial Providence Group.

If you’ve been searching for a career that’ll make your year, and all the years to come, we invite you to contact us by clicking here, or fill out our agent questionnaire here. Put yourself in a position to celebrate as the years pass instead of dreading each new work day.