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The annual Tom Londen Memorial Golf Tournament brings together hundreds of individuals from all across the country in support of the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children.

This year Financial Providence Group, the leading final expense agency within the LHLIC family of companies serving Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida and Virginia (and still growing!) was proud to serve as a Bronze Level Sponsor for the event. Bradly Jennings, founder of FPG, is committed to giving back and building up a culture within the FPG family that supports local and national organizations and charities.

Through the Tom Londen Memorial Golf Tournament, we are able to generously give to an organization that changes the lives of children and their families. We do so in the name of one of our greatest leaders, Tom Londen.

Tom Londen: A Great Leader

Following in his father’s footsteps, Tom Londen became president of Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company at the young age of 28. Under Tom’s leadership Lincoln Heritage became the nation’s leading provider of final expense insurance, helping families all over the country plan ahead for costly, unforeseen funeral expenses.

Tom gave generously throughout his life. He supported many different causes, individuals and organizations, and was especially committed to philanthropies that benefitted children. The majority of Tom’s philanthropic efforts were anonymous, meeting the needs of those who required help in a private manner.

Tom was diagnosed with cancer just a year before he passed away. He would have been especially proud of the work done by the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children and would have been very happy to see the volume of donations raised in his name through the Tom Londen Memorial Golf Tournament.

Tom Londen Memorial Golf Tournament: Supporting the ACFC

This year over 400 guests (and one beer burro) came together to support the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children. As an event that directly impacts all of ACFC’s programs, the Tom Londen Memorial Golf Tournament marks the largest and most impactful fundraising event of the year.

Founded by Chrisie Funari, a mother who lost her five-year-old daughter to cancer, ACFC helps families with every aspect of their child’s battle with cancer. From medical expenses to navigating hospitals to providing fun experiences that are safe for immune-compromised kids, the ACFC goes above and beyond to do whatever they can for families facing cancer. In the event that a precious child loses their battle with cancer, ACFC helps the family with end-of-life expenses and emotional support. ACFC helps take care of anything and everything so that families can focus on what matters most: providing the love and strength their kids require as they battle cancer.

If you missed the 2019 TLMGT, you can still support ACFC in Tom’s memory.

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