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The Real Faces of FPG.

Have you ever wondered if nontraditional jobs with flexibility and nontraditional pay structures actually exist? If so, we understand why. Until we started our careers at FPG, those jobs always seemed mythical—always in the back of our minds, yet always just out of reach.

Just like you, we were all keeping our eyes out for a good opportunity to come along, but most of us had given up believing one existed. That was before FPG.

Of course we were all skeptical at first. “There must be a catch!” and “Is it really just a gimmick?” crossed all of our minds.

But now, a few years into the business and bank statements to back up our claims, we’re here to tell you: this is the real deal.

The magic happens here!

Juan DeLaVega

Former B.S. Accounting Graduate

I started with financial providence group in May of 2012. And it was the best decision I ever made!

In the beginning there were a lot of struggles, traveling, and sacrifice. But within a few years I had tripled the income I was making in the car business.

I found my niche was in training agents to help families. There’s no better feeling than helping change someone’s financial situation by showing them what others had shown me. I believe that you’re not truly successful until you help someone else be successful.

The culture here at Financial Providence Group is about family, hard work, setting goals and achieving them, and helping you become the best person you could possibly be. Whether it’s increasing your income or increasing the time spent with the people that you love, anything is possible here. So don’t let fear paralyze you. Everything you want is on the other side of fear!

Dena Horvath

Former Mortgage Broker

FPG has a lot of opportunity for new and experienced agents when it comes to product training and income.

One thing that has always been important to me is having a family environment and building relationships with our agents and partners. Honesty, transparency and mentorship is what you will get when working with Financial Providence Group.

EJ Meyers

Former Retail Manager

I got my first contract with FPG in October, 2012. Sales was always my passion. When I found insurance, it was a true blessing.

If you are willing to check your ego and really treat this opportunity like a business, you will excel. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone is here to make sure that we all succeed. I would be lying if I said everyone that joins will make it. But what I have noticed in my nine years is that if you use the proven system, track your numbers, and implement all of the trainings, you will make $100k PLUS!

The FPG culture focuses on clients and agents—whether it’s helping a client go over their policy to ensure they have the right coverage or helping agents effectively support clients. This mindset helps everyone achieve their desired goals. If you want both income and quality of life, this is the place to be!!

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