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Do You Want a Career That Will Reward You?

Sure. We all do! If you want a career that will celebrate your wins and reward you for your hard work, you should consider applying at FPG. We work VERY hard at showing appreciation for everything our agents do and also to the families and friends who support them. That’s why we provide as many amenities and incentives as possible,

‘Take control of your time, and you’ll take control of your life.’

Time is a funny thing. Most of us run around feeling like we never have enough of it. In fact, most of us would probably admit that time feels like the most important commodity we have…or don’t. Once it is gone, you can’t get it back. Time is life. That makes time our most valuable resource. As one of the

New office ‘fosters great work and inspires growth’

The vision for the new Financial Providence Group office came to CEO and Founder Brad Jennings a few years ago. That vision was for an office that would foster great work, inspire growth, and support the dreams of all FPG agents in their path to success.   The new office was built as a tribute to the men and women

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career Selling Final Expense Insurance

A Non-Traditional Sales Opportunity Are you a sales associate or sales representative looking for a new position? Chances are, if you possess critical sales skills, you might be in high demand. But maybe that last or current job provided false representation and led you to believe you’d have more opportunities than you were actually given. If you are finding yourself

Realizing Your Potential

We’ve all had moments in our life where we evaluate our potential. Or rather, what could have been our reality in an ideal world. Have you ever looked back on your years and wished you made slightly different decisions? If just a few things were altered, then just maybe your potential would have changed as well. Maybe you look back

Providing Top Customer Service

When a company secures a coveted spot as one of the top ten final expense agencies in the country, people tend to take notice. Then, people always ask, “How did you do it?” And while there are many reasons, we’d like to focus on one huge aspect—customer service. Customer service is one of those aspects of business that your customer