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Tips for Landing the Career You Really Want

We’ve all been there at one point in our lives. You put on your most professional outfit, you give yourself a pep talk in the mirror, and you head out the door to an interview. Then, the waiting game. A few days or a few weeks later you know if you’ve scored the position, or you go back to the drawing board.

Interviewing isn’t easy. It’s taxing mentally and emotionally to put yourself in front of complete strangers and prove your worth. But it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think. Below we’ve compiled three ways you can leverage your advantage and land a spot at the company of your dreams.

  1. Do your homework. Before you head into an interview take the time to research the company and the position for which you’re applying. Look at social media accounts and company blogs, and try to find testimonials from people who work there. You’ll not only get a sense of the company culture, but you’ll be armed with information to show your interviewer that you’re serious about their company.
  2. Make sure it’s a good fit. This seems like a given, but too many people waste their time, and their interviewers’ time, by interviewing for a position that doesn’t fit their needs. Does the position for which you’re interviewing come with the financial security you want? Does a career at this company offer opportunities for advancement? Will you have the tools, training, and support you need to do well here? Ask yourself these questions before and after your interview. If you’re not sure of the answers, ask! The interview process isn’t just a one-sided Q&A, it’s an opportunity for you to learn about your prospective career.
  3. Don’t sell yourself short. A rewarding, stimulating career isn’t just a myth of the workplace. There are companies out there that want to give you the freedom to excel, and the independence to do so in your own way. At Financial Providence Group, much of our agent base is made up of individuals who tried multiple career paths, multiple agencies, and dozens of interviews before they finally found everything they were looking for with us. Don’t give up. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Ready to interview at a company that checks all the boxes on your list? Financial Providence Group is currently seeking passionate agents to join our team. Learn more about career opportunities with us here. After you’ve done your homework, start a conversation about your future by filling out our applicant questionnaire here, or by contacting us with questions.