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Sales Stars | The Best Leaders

Every sales team has achievers. These folks are at the top of the charts every month, they win contests, and they sell product. And that’s fantastic. Every team should be so lucky to have winners working toward their goals.

But at Financial Providence Group, we believe a well-functioning sales team needs more than just individual performers. You can have an entire team of sales stars, but if they don’t work well together then you’re not maximizing the potential of what a collective of talented individuals can really do.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

~Henry Ford

Train your sales stars to focus their talents on their peers. Don’t be afraid to take your best people, your top earners, off the sales floor and put them into leadership positions. Reward their ingenuity, their tenaciousness, their drive to succeed, with more responsibility–they will flourish.

These leaders will pass on what’s working to the rest of your team, generating a whole new class of top performers, transforming your salespeople into a group committed to a cycle of success sharing.

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