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Reignite Your Career

Almost every company has a network of managers in place, and almost every company has some sort of training program in place.

So why don’t more associates feel supported within their careers? Why aren’t agents taking advantage of training opportunities to hone their sales skills?

It’s not enough to just have a manger on duty. It’s not enough to simply have a training program in place. If your agents don’t feel inspired to take action, if you don’t generate the enthusiasm and passion needed for your agents to WANT to excel, your managers and training systems are only there for show.

At Financial Providence Group, our managers aren’t in place to watch over our agents, they’re there to compliment the skills our agents have, and inspire them to grow. Our training programs don’t consist of a tri-fold pamphlet with a boring checklist, they’re events full of energy, enthusiasm and passion. They not only educate, they get agents interacting with each other and thinking of new ways to improve the business for our clients, and for themselves.

At the end of the day, if our agents feel like they’ve succeeded, we’ve succeeded. Learn more about our involvement with our agents and managers here. 

If you’re tired of working at a career with boring training and disconnected managers, we invite you to experience the difference Financial Providence Group can make on your life. You can find more information about career opportunities here, or fill out our pre-screen questionnaire here.

Don’t sit through another boring meeting, or struggle through another conversation with a manager who doesn’t care.  You should be excited about the work that you’re doing, and Financial Providence Group can help you reignite that passion.