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A Life That Matters

Every day our agents are forced with the challenge of creating their own legacy. Read more about how helping others, giving back to the community, developing their career and being appreciated are just some of the ways they accomplish this.

Sales Strategy: Making the Connection

If you are in the sales industry you have undoubtedly lost a sale before, and hopefully you’ve made a few, too. There is a question that lurks behind every lost sale, and it’s an obvious one: why? Why didn’t you make the sale? What could you have done differently or said differently that would’ve made the difference? Here are five tips on how to help you make the sale.

The Gift of Gratitude

With Thanksgiving this week, it’s common to hear and see phrases in every forum questioning what you are grateful for and encouraging you to focus on these things to better your life. Meditation journals, wellness articles, and many other avenues are constantly telling us to “feel” thankful, to meditate on all that we have to be thankful for. But today, what if you looked at things a little differently and, instead, started asking yourself how your gratitude could perhaps better someone else’s life, rather than simply impact your own well-being?

The FPG Difference

Is your glass half empty, or half full? At Financial Providence Group, we know the difference: A Job that Matters.

Identifying Your Time Management Matrix

Learn how to weed out the activities that aren’t getting you closer to your goal and how to better manage your time in a way that will produce productivity. Remember, time is money. This post will help you learn how to better manage your time and to make organization and goal-setting a priority.

Ground Breaking News | FPG New Office

At Financial Providence Group, we value hard work. Our agents and managers are what makes this company great, and we recognize them for their contribution to our excellence every day.