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A Mentor is the Difference Between Success and Defeat.

A recent article by Chris Myers, Forbes contributor, explained the invaluable nature of having a mentor. After reading his article, my team couldn’t agree more! A huge factor in our agents' success is their ability to stay coachable. Our Managing General Agents, MGAs, help mentor new agents as well as support those who have been with FP Group for some

Building Your Business

To be able to manage and build your business you have to dig deep within yourself. Recently, we came across a Forbes article that spoke about Billie Whitehead’s, WearableX’s CEO and Founder, experience as an entrepreneur. We took some highlights from her article as they applied to our hardworking FP Group agents. Age is irrelevant. Some people are able to

Sales Stars Make the Best Leaders

Every sales team has achievers. These folks are at the top of the charts every month, they win contests, and they sell product. And that’s fantastic. Every team should be so lucky to have winners working toward their goals. But at Financial Providence Group, we believe a well-functioning sales team needs more than just individual performers. You can have an entire

Spread the Word: Career Opportunities

Every day our agents help Americans and their families!

Career Perks — Travel

At Financial Providence Group we know that life goes on outside the office. Our agents and managers aren’t just agents and managers–they’re people. People who have interests and families.

Find out what we do to give our agents meaning!

Maximize Sales Productivity

A recent post on the Forbes Salesforce blog outlined several ways salespeople can stay productive.

We’ve compiled a few of our favorites from this list below and applied them to how Financial Providence Group agents stay focused on success.