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You CAN Love Your Career

A recent article on The Guardian covered proactive steps employers can take to improve the happiness of their employees. If you’ve ever worked at a job where you were miserable, and then switched to one where you were happy, you know what a huge difference workplace satisfaction can make on your productivity, motivation, and the overall quality of your life in and out of the office.


“More often than not what people really want is the ability to change things for the better, to spend more time with their families or doing the things they really love, to feel like they’re appreciated and rewarded appropriately. It’s straight-forward stuff, so why are so many companies so bad at it? We all know that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, but if you start treating staff like robots you’re going to get an organisation that very quickly short-circuits.”

–Harriet Minter, writing for The Guardian


The above quote from Ms. Minter’s article is spot-on. When agencies stop treating their people like human beings with interests (both inside and outside the workplace), opinions and financial needs, the effectiveness of the entire company is compromised.


At Financial Providence Group, our first mission is to make it our business to know our agents and managers well enough to understand what makes them happy. Our next order of business is to go about fulfilling those needs.


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Whether it’s competitive incentives like trips to exotic locations or cash bonuses, limitless training opportunities to challenge and hone existing skills, or simple recognition for a job well done, we think our people deserve to feel and experience their value every day.


It may sound like a myth of the workplace, but it is possible to wake up every morning and head off to a career you enjoy, one that provides you with financial stability, and one that challenges you to improve yourself daily. If you’re ready to experience this happiness, we invite you to check out career opportunities with Financial Providence Group. We’re currently seeking passionate, motivated individuals to join our team.


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